Price guide

We like to be as transparent as possible with pricing and so I've clearly set them out below. However, it's always good to ask for a quote. Due to our experience and adaptability, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much can be done in the time allowed.

High-end studio photography
Individual images requiring high levels of skill and creativity, often requiring complex setups and extensive retouching skills.

  • Day rate £690
  • Half day rate £390
  • One hour £100
  • Minimum charge £140

Photoshop retouching

  • Hourly rate £75

Location photography

  • Day rate £790
  • Half day rate £490
  • Minimum charge £250


No charge if attending a client's premises on-site for full day shoots up to 100 miles from Barnstaple.

Off-site distant locations - ask for details

Discounted rate

A discounted rate is offered for 2 or more days - ask for details

Packshot catalogue studio photography
Bulk shoots, photographing many similar items on similar backgrounds for catalogues and web sites.

  • Day rate £590
  • Half day rate £390
  • Minimum charge applies

Basic Photoshop retouching

Clipping paths and simple retouch

  • Hourly rate £50

Time versus money

We have many years of experience and have encountered most photographic challenges and situations. This has given us the advantage of being able to think and work quickly and not make silly mistakes. With a battery of photographic and retouching knowledge and skills to hand, we can achieve a lot of high quality images in a short amount of time. The upshot is that you save money and get the shots you desire with no compromises.

Full of ideas

When it comes to high-end advertising and lifestyle photography, we always enjoy working with art directors or stylists, but are also able to push a shot through with our own direction and styling if no help is available. When it comes to composing a big lifestyle shot with lots of elements, our experience and a natural flair for making things look right, come into fruition. We are also known for our ability to come up with our own concepts for exhibitions, PR, magazines and brochure covers. If you find yourself stuck for ideas, give us a shout and we'll see what we can come up with.

Photoshop expertise

We've been using Photoshop to enhance our photography since 1999 and have developed some very useful techniques. We can achieve exactly what you're looking for and your images can be supplied completely retouched, ready to print at minimal cost.


If you are ever unhappy with how a shoot has come out, then we will re-shoot at no extra cost. Of course now that we are in the age of digital photography, there are no nasty surprises, but we like to put that guarantee there for you, just in case you wondered!

Ask for a quick quote!

If you have a project in mind, simply send me some details on the form below and I'll get back to you within a day or so.